Monday, July 26, 2010

Ummm...I got nothin'.

It has, yet again, been months since I last wrote anything on this blog. And here I sit, fingers poised above the keyboard, and nothing to write about. Oh, there are things I could blather on about. The fact that our AC died just one day after a week of record-breaking temperatures, and my fear that we will melt like popsicles the next time the temp hits 85*. I could write about the weird smell coming through the windows that I am pretty sure is a dead thing-most likely a cow-in the field above us. I could write about the fact that my dad died a month ago and how lost I still feel without him here. But nothing feels interesting to me. Nothing is sparking my imagination.

I feel completely blah. I wish I could be the sort of person who's perky 24/7. I wish I could be the sort of person who is always able to find the silver lining/sunny side/bright spot, but unfortunately, I am not. I feel dark and moody and emo right now. Move over, Debbie Downer, because Jen is here!

Hmmm...maybe I'll go drink one (or two, or three or all six) of the Mike's Hard Pink Lemonades in my fridge and do some drunk blogging. That sounds like fun. Better hurry and tuck the kids in before I hit the sauce. They don't need to see Mama dancing around in her underwear, only stopping occasionally to write some sort of drunken nonsense on the Interwebs for the whole world (or the three people who read this) to see. I'll save that image for when they're older...