Sunday, June 1, 2008

I rocked eBay tonight!

I love eBay. It's just such a cool place to shop. I love the thrill of the bidding war. I love when the auction goes right down to the wire. I love winning.

I don't love losing.

We've been on a losing streak. Hubby has been looking for a transmission for his father's lawn tractor for some time now. We've bid on three different auctions and were in the lead until the very (and I mean VERY) last seconds and lost. It really fries my bacon when someone comes in with 2 seconds left and outbids me by $.01. I know, I know: that's how auctions work. It doesn't mean I can't be frustrated by losing, does it? This afternoon, hubby was browsing and found three different transmissions to bid on. We waited until the one had about an hour left and placed our bid. Long story short, we ended up winning the transmission for $300. It turns out it's the exact same seller selling the exact same transmission that went for $365.50 last week. Our bid on that auction was $365.00. How is that for awesome? To make the story even better, tonight I was checking my email and found an old email from eBay with a coupon code for 10% off a single item purchase before June 4. We ended up getting $30 off the cost of the transmission! So it ended up costing us $95 less than it would have if we'd have won last week! I love winning AND saving lots and lots of money!

I also scored on some Stampin' Up! stamp sets. I got one set for $1.04, one set for $2.50, and one set for $4.50. Altogether, with shipping, it all came to $17.94. The original cost of one of the sets I bought was $19.95, so I consider my shopping tonight to be very, very successful. I got 16 stamps combined, which averages out to a little more than a dollar a stamp. You can't find decent stamps in craft stores for less than about $5 each. Do the math on that one!!!

Oh yeah, winning feels so good!